The Clinic

Address: 2030 Edgewood Dr S, Lakeland, FL 33803

Take a Look at the Clinic!

Take a Look Inside!

At Care Animal Clinic we keep you and your pets in mind with our layout. We have two separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats. Our reception displays some goodies and treats you might be interested in as we confirm or book your pet’s appointment. We have two exam rooms and a prep room to check on your animals. We have a quiet room for any visits that might require some more privacy like nervous dogs or cats, expecting puppies or kittens, and when it’s time to say goodbye. We have separate kennels for dogs and cats whether they are here for boarding, surgery or to see the doctor. Behind the building, we have a large dog run for your pets to stretch their legs while they are here. We also have isolated kennels for nervous or sick pets. Our bathtub allows your dogs or cats to walk right on in. Great for larger dogs! We have a modern x-ray machine that lets you see your pet quickly and even get the pictures emailed to you! We do dental on both dogs and cats with our dental machine and table. As well as many different surgeries in our sanitized room equipped to help our pets get better. Here at Care Animal Clinic, we keep you and your pet’s safety, well-being, and comfort a priority!