Reparative Lazer Therapy

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Cold laser therapy is one more tool used in veterinary medicine to heal injuries, manage chronic pain, and promote fast healing in dogs and cats. One example that helps explain the how this tool works is that when ice packs or heat packs are used in injury or recovery times blood flow to those areas is increased.  In the increased blood flow are the healing factors and natural anti -inflammatories made with in body.  Drawing these endogenous factors to the sites of injuries through laser therapy is about 100 times more potent than ice or heat packs without the temperature differential. Whether the need is post-op pain, acute injury or chronic painful conditions, laser treat is almost never the wrong choice.  

Laser surgery is not a new concept and remains many surgeons tool of choice. Surgical lasers have an accuracy and precision that the scalpel just cannot compete.  Tissue damage from surgical lasers is far less than stainless steel surgical tools. One benefit of laser surgery is the cautery effect while making incisions.  Sealing blood vessels while cutting is a time saver that keep our pets out of long, bloody procedures.  Because of precision and less bleeding, there is less pain associated with surgical procedures performed with lasers and quicker recoveries.