Dignity At Home – Euthanasia Services

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Phone Number: (863)665-2000

Email: athomedignity@hotmail.com

About our services

At Home Euthanasia is a choice. It is a choice for reducing the fear, anxiety and stresses of the last car ride, the last cold exam room table, and the last strange place.  It is choosing comfortable surroundings and the presence of all caretakers.  It is choosing a favorite lap or e-z chair or bed for a peaceful, graceful goodbye. 

Prices Starting at $500.00

Standard services include house call, euthanasia, removal and cremation of body, and urn and ashes returned. The standard urn package includes wooden urn, name plate, a death certificate, hair clipping and paw print.  Travel distances and times of day also dictate different costs.  Weekends, holidays, sunsets represent specialty times and therefore incur more expense.